Oh lord guess i`ve got some `splainin` to do. I left this website untouched for about a year
because the software wouldnt work with windows 8, yay. So low and behold I had to wait
for Yahoo Sitebuilders to update their stuff with the new drivers for 8 and it only took them
a freaking year to do. The good news is the site is back up and running and as you can see
to the right side of this blog the photos have been updated! Feel free take a look at the
costumes I did in 2015! Cheers!

3 new costumes in the gallery as well as updated photos for Emeraldas, Maetel, Brynhilder
and Celes Chere! It has been a very busy winter cosplay season and now I am reving up for
Sakuracon 2014. 6 of my costumes will debut there modelled by myself and my sisters.
Hope to see you all there!

Sadly this year had flown by and is now coming to a close. Its amazing how many things I
have done this year both with cosplay and outside of cosplay. I did so much travelling and
was able to attend so many cool events and see many new people! For the rest of this year
though I am taking a break from cosplay and will be focusing on Christmas decoration and
presents. I have two new (and last) costume for 2013 which you can see to the right of the
Princess Aurora also has some new photos as well as Reila from FF2! I hope everyone
else has a wonderful Christmas/New Years and I will see you in 2014!

Ah the best thing about September other than it being major swag month for me due to my
birthday....is the fact that summer is over here in Tokyo and normal weather once again
abounds. God I never thought I would make 4 years of jungle heat in one piece! Two
costumes have been added to the right, Shiva has been updated with some swanking new
water photos!!!! My newest addition Red Mage is just in time for Tokyo Game Show this
month so I will see you all there!

I am back from World Cosplay Summit! For a full summary of the event I suggest visiting
for a detailed report! Reila has been updated with photos, Lorelei (a new costume) has been
added to the fantasy section of the gallery and Rosa will be updated very shortly. I am
waiting for incoming photos taken by my friend. Next event, Tokyo Game Show!

Just got back from a FANTASTIC vacation in Okinawa. I was able to take some photos
which are in the gallery and also right there to the right >>>>>>
My costume for World Cosplay Summit is finished and test photos are also in the gallery.
That being said I am volunteering this year and will be manning the information booth along
with Oribee San so we hope to see everyone there! If you are wanting more info for
WCS2013 then please drop me a line or visit the official website here:
World Cosplay
Summit 2013
What is cosplay?
Cosplay is a Japanese word derived from the English words `Costume Play` and is usually associated with people dressing up as
anime or video game characters. In actuality, any form of dress up is considered cosplay even Halloween, LARP, movie celebrity
look a likes, ect.

Can you make me a costume?
Please refer to my commissions section for more info about this.

Do you sell any of your costumes?
Yes! The best place to look for one of my costumes is via cosplay.com, check out their marketplace forum for some of my listings.

I need help making something for my own costume, can you help me out?
Sure, just go to my contact section and write me an email. I will do my best to answer your questions, if I can`t get to your email or
don`t have an answer for you please understand that I work two jobs and don`t have much time for figuring these things out.

What event will you be going to next?
Check out my events section for a tentative listing of my next convention(s)!
If you would like to contact me directly then please click on the
Facebook link. You can contact me via facebook and also check out
my other photos and projects!