Castlevania: Symphony of
the Night
This costume dream and a nightmare come true. First off, I absolutely adore Castlevania games and well, symphony of the night was my favorite one so I really wanted to
make all the male characters from that game, no offense to Maria but she is a bit overcosplayed.....
I made this costume twice, once in 2007 for my then boyfriend and had originally made it from black velvet and used white satin embroidery trim becuase gold was out of
stock at the time. It was a good costume but I wanted to make it as close to Alucard`s concept art by Ayami Kojima (all hail) as possible. My second attempt was much
more fruitful, I took the time to hunt down the exact fabrics and trim that I needed and had a bigger budget to splurge on all the little details I had missed the first time around.

I used twill cotton on my second attempt and used a simplicity frocked pirate style jacket pattern bought at Jo-Ann Fabrics and lined the inside with a silver brocade. I made
a few changes to the pattern, like the length of the cuffs which are very over exaggerated in the concept art, and to the collar. I found nice gold braided trim for the lapels and
the cuffs and used gold flat ribbon trim going down the front and bottom hem of the jacket. This is where things got a little creative for me, I really needed two inch wide flat
ribbon but all the fabric shops within a 20 mile radius of my home had only 1 inch wide trim. So I layered the trim next to each other to make it two inches wide. The next
hurdle was the buttons. I needed no less than 20 of the same type of gold rounded buttons but none were to be found in that large a quantity outside of ordering them off the
internet. I don`t like to order things off the net because I need to be able to feel and see what I will actually be putting on my costume. Well it so happens that they had 20 of
a different type of button but it was white pearl-esque, my remedy.....Spray paint! I bought all the pearl buttons they had in stock and spray painted the heck out of them to
make them all gold! Whew....last hurdle solved!

For the inner vest I used suede and gave it a heavy interfacing to help flatten my chest and stomach (I am cosplaying a man after all, albiet a very pretty man...) The buckles
in the front are actual metal which are permanently sewn onto the vest, they are immovable, the vest closes from the back via zipper =). All the studs decorating the front and
sides are iron on metal studs.

Next came the belt which I made from 1/4 inch thick cow hide leather that I bought at Tandy Leather and used a pewter cross engraved buckle on the front.

The boots were bought online, they are PVC go go type boots that I got at The white tops I made from bridal satin, the same material used for the crevat and
bow tie at the neck. The tops just tuck into the boots and Viola! Instant Chevalier boots!

The cape was the only thing I did`nt have to engineer. It was very straightforward. I used 12 yards ...yes that`s right 12 yards of black and silver satin for this baby. It is a
half circle cape so I can open my arms out like a bird and look all batman like in my vampire glory!

Materials Used:
* Twill Cotton
* Brocade Satin
*Bridal Satin
*Braid trim
*Flat trim
*Plastic buttons

Total cost:

(photos courtesy of Eurobeat King) (This was also modelled by Layla Evanstar for our Castlevania shoot)