When the clock strikes 12 your soul is mine! I was really inspired by my favorite Japanese rock band Versailles Philharmonic Quintet to make this costume. I
wanted to make a character that could almost past for one of the band members and would fit into the world that they try to portray through their songs. I used
discounted bridal fabric and trims for this costume, seems a shame to waste good materials and it's always great to save a few dollars here and there. The amount
of trim and appliques I used on this costume was astronomical! I didn't want to let any materials go to waste so anything that I had that could be used on this
costume were used.

Production: I borrowed another pattern for this and then made some customizations along the way. The pattern had been a simplicity Halloween medieval costume
pattern which I turned into a tail coat pattern and then customized the sleeves by making open bell sleeves. The funky shaped collar I made into a separate piece
that buttons onto the main jacket. Inside the collar is a aluminum frame so that it can defy gravity and keep a nice stiff shape instead of flopping over under its
own weight.

The pants were an old pair of white bell bottoms I used to use for my Sol Badguy costume but I was going to throw them away when I thought better of it. I cut
up the bottom leg parts and customized them with some eyelets and gold trim to match the jacket.

Materials Used:
*white bridal trim
*gold bridal trim

total cost: $150