Another year had past from the previous Disney Halloween Festival at Tokyo Disney Land and I have
made it my personal mission to make one new princess costume per year for this event until I have all the
ones I like! So naturally next on the princess list was Ariel after Belle and Aurora. What girl doesnt love
mermaids =)
I started with taffeta fabric for the tail then chiffon tulle to poof it out and make it look like `fins`. The
pattern was a pencil skirt pattern refitted and customized for a mermaid tail. For the bra I bought two plastic
seashells and decorated the heck out of it with all the beads I had in my kits and also decided to put them on
the tail for good measure.
I mounted this onto a flesh tone bra so I wouldnt be flashing any kiddies accidently at the park. Disney has
some pretty strict decency codes you know? I had to add the leotard underneath as to not get kicked out of
the park but also it was pretty comfortable to wear anyway and helped hide my belly fat. I am so happy
with how this costume turned out I plan to wear it again whenever I get the chance!

At last for the wig, I bought a red curly one off a random vendor on EBAY and then stuck hair curlers
under the wave to get the bangs nice and poofy, the hair curlers are a permanent part of the wig!

The beach photos were taken at Izukyu Shimoda in Japan! Many thanks for my sisters for visiting me and
making my mermaid dreams come true!

plastic beads
plastic sea shells
elastic waist bands

Total cost plus wig: