This whole project came about due to my little sister Ali whom always cosplays with me for Sakuracon. We wanted to do
Disney princesses so I gave her the freedom to pick whatever dress she wanted and I would make it for in preparation for
Sakuracon 2014. She loves Belle of course.

I used about 10 meters of costume satin on this baby! It took me about 1 month to make and alot of hand sewing! I made the
skirt pattern myself using trial and error to get the ruffles right and then barrowed another bodice pattern from the Cinderella
Simplicity Dress Pattern, adapting the arms to Belle and then adding my own decorations to it.

The secret to the poofy-ness of the skirt lies underneath. I have a two ring hoopskirt under there supporting all the fabric!

Even though this was meant for my sis, I took the liberty of test driving it for the Nico Nico Cospllections event in Roppongi.
It turned out wonderfully!

Materials used:
Costume Satin
Yellow Tulle
Glass Rhinestones
Silk Flowers

Total Cost: $150 With hoops and wig
Photos below from Nico Nico
Cospllections 2014
All photos by Ramon McGlown
Belle cosplayed by my sister