I will start off by saying that Celes and Locke are my OTPs of ultimate OTPs. Everything about them together is so perfect
and when playing the game you cant help but say, "they would really be good for each other." Im not into FF romances or
anything but come on...they are just so damn cute together!

I had Celes Chere a bit late on my schedule list for 2013 costumes intending to wear it for Tokyo Game Show.
Unfortunately because I had other projects come up in the summer I had no time to finish it and opted to wear red mage
instead. Perhaps I can wear it next year for the same event.

I adore Celes, she is IMO the best female character in the FF series next to Terra Branford. She is so beautiful and strong
AND has a good sense of justice. Really is she not the perfect lady?

To start with, the bodice and undies were premade and bought off ebay however I ended up having to heavily adjust them
both because 1) the undies did not fit around my hips because they were Japanese sized and 2) the bodice boob cups didnt
fit because I am not full chested enough for American sized products. Whats a half breed like me to do?!?! To the sewing
machine I go!

I used appliques found in Nippori for the arms and legs (which are made from stretch lycra) and also some metal jewelry
from H and M which i took apart and recycled. The cape, armor (shoulder, head, boot tops and crown) and sword are all
handmade by leather, paper clay, aluminum wiring (underneath the leather shoulder pieces). All the filigree work on the
shoes was done by hand using glitter fabric paint.

For the beads I went to many discount shops and recycled cheapo plastic jewelry for the jems all over the costume.

Very VERY happy with how this turned out, its going to serve me well in the future!

Materials Used:
Grey toned leather
fabric paint
plastic jems and necklaces
stretch lycra
white lace
aluminum wire
lyon board foam

Total Cost: $150


photos below taken at Blue Cat Studio (btw I upgraded my camera lens to 50mm!)
Images below taken by Motsu at
Anime Japan 2014
Photos below by Ramon Mcglown
Anime Japan 2014
Photos below taken in Seattle WA
by Alexis Notter