This costume design at first was sort of a running gag between my friends and I. As we are all comic book dorks we developed some
personalized characters for ourselves with the notion of `if you could be a comic character who would you be and what would your powers be?`

At first I really wasn`t too serious about this character but I as I began to draw her and developed her personality I fell in love with her.

There are so many elements that influenced me at the time, I was heavily into Final Fantasy 7 and also Vampire Hunter D. In fact if you look
closely at her costume you will see some things that were directly from that game or series which I tweeked a bit to fit my own style.

The construction on this began with the body suit and leggings which were made from lycra. I found the most perfect shade of purple in the
halloween discount fabrics section so I snatched it up while I could. I`m so glad I did because I have never found that shade of purple anywhere
since then. The challenge with these is the fact that its a dance wear knit so my sewing machine wanted to eat it alive so I wasn`t able to hem the
top part like I wanted to. So ti hide the seam I deviated from my original concept art and made triangle tops to help stream line it all. The body
suit was a piece of cake it was just the arms and legs that gave me a run for my money.

The armor and headset was another story. I used a mixture of airdry clay, peltex and wonderflex to create it. The gem in the center of my heart is
resin casted. The hold it all together I shot rivets through it all and then used elastic bands to hold it to my suit. The head dress is mounted on a
plastic headband that I got at the dollar store. Unfortunately it broke once because my sister sat on it when I had set it down on my bed...
To get rid of the wonderflex texture I used about 10 layers of acrylic paint blow drying layers as I went.

The last and final part was the wings which I barrowed the design from Bahamut Sin from FF7 Crisis core. The base of it is plywood overlayed
with airdry clay and resin gems. I engineered a metal shoulder harness so it sits on my shoulders and stays on by its own weight.

Materials Used:
crayola model magic
craft foam

Total Cost: