This costume was a but if a rush so I wish I had done some things on it a bit better. The pattern I hand tooled since I couldn`t find a chinese
dress pattern anywhere but I happen to have one for special occasions in my wardrobe so I closely examined the one I had and drafted a
comparable pattern. I made this dress from red polyester sportswear fabric and used black satin ribbon for the trim and the designs on the
sleeves and dress hemline. The armbands have pleather belts with metal buckles and so do the leg warmers.

Her sleeves are actually double layers meaning not only does she have the red bell shaped outer sleeve but a form fitting black lycra sleeve that
hugs the forearm. I used some lycra remnants and gold trim from another project on this.

For the skirt I used white trigger cotton with pale pink satin trim. It is a separate skirt that has an elastic waist that fits underneath the dress like
a crinoline.

Unfortunately there was no time to find a wig for this costume and though we tried to make hair extensions our attempt to dye said hair was not
fruitful so Shelbe had to improvise for this. The tin can thingy she wears in her hair I made from femo and then pray painted gold then filigreed
the chinese lettering via fabric paint.

Materials used:
sportwear polyester
satin trim
pillow tasels
metal buckles
gold paint
fabric paint
gold trim

Total cost:
Cloudberry Jam
Guilty Gear