Summers in Japan are scorchers so I wanted something that would be versatile enough for the hot humid weather and also
something that was iconic that both Western and Japanese fans would recognize. I choose Ms. Marvel because ...well frankly
speaking...she kicks ass!  I made this costume from 4 way stretch lycra and then sewed on metallic lycra for her lightning bolt
symbol and sash. This costume was a god send for World Cosply Summit 2011. Seriously it was about 96 degrees outside
and more humid than the Philippines during monsoon season. The mask is real leather but unfortunately due to excessive
sweating during the event it didnt stick to my face right now I photoshopped the mask in for several photos.

Dance Lycra
Metallic Lycra
fabric glue
magic tape (for invisible hem lines)

Total cost: $60
(in case your wondering, I did NOT go barelegged in this costume. I wore flesh tone leotards on my legs. Or else I would get
a serious wedgie from her high cut suit =P