Jolly Roger its the Jelly fish  Pirates and many thanks to my sister for wearing this costume to anime expo 2009. Ali really likes May crom
the Guilty Gear series so when the opportunity came for her to join me for another anime/video game event she wanted to go as May
right off the bat which made my life easier so I didn`t have to scratch me head and wonder what she wanted to wear. Plus I already had
my Sol Badguy costume completed and figured it would make a good hot weather cosplay costume since it was going to be in the 90`s
when we arrived in LA.

I made all main parts of this costume from trigger cotton and her arm bands and hat decal from femo. I lined the hem of her dress with
real leather belts which I riveted onto her dress. All of the buckles her outfit are real metal which I bought in bulk at Tandy Leather. For
her waist belt I used 1/4 inch thick black cowhide leather with a brass pirate style buckle.

Her inner body suit was made from lycra dance wear, its basically a cat suit that she wears underneath everything.

Her shoes were a bit troublesome, I wanted to find sneakers or boots that were already that color but I could not find any so I resorted
to orange duct tape. Basically mummifying the shoe in duct tape. The shoes were an old pair of combat boots from my military days =P

For her gloves I ebay bought a pair of darth vader halloween gloves and chopped the fingers off then attached the femo armor to it via

May is such a cute and bubble character and my sister pulled her off superbly!
Guilty Gear