Minerva was such a challenging costume to make! Almost no artwork exists of her outside the pages of the Crisis Core strategy guide and the photo that is shown in that is only 2x3
inches big!!!!! I had to use a magnifying glass and a bit of imagination to figure out how to make this.

This costume actually started about 2 years ago when I was still living in Seattle but because I had almost no experience with armor making I failed twice at this costume....

Well low and behold I moved here to Japan and a whole new world of materials and knowledge were at my fingertips so I decided to give it one more try before completely throwing in
the towel.

All the armor parts are made from sheet plastic overlayed with craft foam and then painted with spray paint and acrylic model paint. The head crown is airdry clay molded onto a dummy
head and left overnight to dry and harden. I hand painted it with Tamiya gundman model paint =P (that stuff is amazing) To attach it to the wig I hot glued bobby pins to each end of the
crown so its sticks to the mesh of the wig. It worked amazingly! The crown didn`t budge from my head the entire event I wore this to!

For the Cuirass  I used a white satin bra with under wires and sewed silver appliques to the front. The Gorget on the neck is air dry clay, filigreed with fabric paint and then spray painted
over with silver. The jems are airdry clay that I shoved into a measuring spoon to get round cabochon shapes. I shot rivets through the ends and perma attached them to the bra straps.
The shoulder Pauldrons are also attached the same way. The silver under bust parts were left over vinyl fabrics that I spray painted silver and cut out into the proper shape.

Moving onto the body....the narrow tabs that hand off the armor were held on by screw and nut, I need these pieces to be removable for easy transport. The detailing on those is air dry
clay painted gold. The main body armor as stated above is sheet plastic with craft foam, the back is corset like and has a ribbon and eyelets to close it.

Gloves were ebay bought but altered by adding the blue armor parts to the tops via airdry clay. The long skirt is white cotton with eyelet trim and blue bias tape. I wanted to do the short
skirt version of this costume but did not have time to complete the foot and leg armor she wears so I made the long skirt instead. I plan to do the short skirt version later this year when I
have more funds to complete it. I`m also missing the tiny wings on her butt.....

I love this costume so much and plan to keep it in my collection for the next few years. Plus it goes hand in hand with my husband`s Genesis costume ;)

Materials Used:
sheet plastic
spray pain
acrylic paint
bias tape
eyelet trim
aluminum piping
Airdry clay

Total cost:
$150 (may get higher if I do the leg armor)