Well I wanted to put a nice banner up there with the name and title but almost no artwork exists for this character outside the pages of the actual manga which I could find
no scans for...so you get cheezy lettering instead.

Monica is such a bad ass girl I hope she appears in future issues of Trinity Blood....she gets capped in the first volume she appears it =(

Most of this costume was based on assumption. As I said above almost NO artwork exists for Monica and she makes an appearance in only one volume of Trinity Blood
so I had to guess what color her costume was and the accessories. I referenced other Monica cosplayers while making this costume though most of the other cosplayers
made her artbook costume which is much more detailed then this version. I needed something easy to wear for summer cosplay so I choose to go with her manga costume.

To start out with, the entire costume is cotton lined with white cotton bias tape. The armor at the shoulders and upper arm is sheet plastic with craft foam over layed on it.
Everything was sealed with a primer and then spray painted over. The slit down the front of the dress goes all the way to my navel but do to the fact that it was hot and
sweaty where I wore this my sticky back tape failed me (to hold the fabric to my chest so I dont flash everyone) so I pinned the front during this photo session.

The necklace and the daggers I made from MODINA model clay even the cute red roses you see at the ends of the hilts and the center of her chocker. The gloves I found
on ebay and then altered them by adding the red crosses and studs.

I wish my wig turned out a bit better but it was the only one I could find via ebay that was within my budget...

All in all it only took me a couple of weeks to make this costume since its unlined on the inside and opted for lock stitching the seams to save time and save myself from
getting heat stroke in this thing.

I meant to wear this Comiket 2010 but Japan had a nasty heat wave that week and I could`nt take it so I opted for a studio shoot instead. I really want to get out door
photos for this but it probably wont happen until fall season.

Materials Used:
Polystyrene sheets
modina clay
spray paint
acrylic paint
bias tape
foam board
hot glue

Total cost: