I decided to make this costume for my friend Shelbe upon my homecoming back to Seattle for Kumoricon 2012. I needed something to go with my Shiva
costume and I thought Rossa has a really beautiful outfit. Most of it I was able to make from various items from stores and some of it I had to make

The armor was the most challenging part. I had to use a half foam ball as a mold and roll out white stone clay with a rolling pin on my dining table. I then
over layed the ball with it, let it dry over night so it had a nice curve shape to it and then added the spikes, paint and detailing.

All of the rest was coordinated clothing bought either on Ebay or at stores around Tokyo.

All Jewelry came from Forever 21.

This turned out way better than I thought so I decided to keep it for myself =P

Total Cost: $250
Credit for these two Convention photos goes