This character comes from an online card rpg called Shingeki No Bahamut or Rage of Bahamut in English. I
love a good card game and a big rpg fan myself so after seeing this card fell in love with the art work and

This dress took about 6 meters of white bridal satin, all of it went to the train of the dress witch is roughly 6
feet long and has about layers.

The top was made from a recycled white bra that I laid white leather over and then used fabric paint and
appliques to decorate it.

The boots were plain white knee boot that I made upper cuffs for and the decorate the heck out of it
rhinestones and paint.

The Winged headband was made from a Daiso plastic head band mounted with polystyrene wings.

Ive worn this costume to a few stage events and love how flouncy and elegant it is. Its not easy to wear but it
looks so freaking cool!

Materials used:
Bridal Satin
Fabric Paint
Cabochon gems
gold foil appliques
white leather
stretch satin
polystyrene sheets
craft foam
acrylic paint

Total cost: $200