OMG when I caught wind that there was a new Soul Calibur Game out I nearly wet myself in excitement! I adore Soul Calibur and Ivy is just such a badass
hottie. I am so happy they gave her more clothes in her new design too. So once again I set out to recreate her again. I already did one version of her from SC2
and that was a tamed down version so this was going to be my first time really doing a sexy bad girl character.

Oh god where do I even begin? This costume was a P to the AIN to make. First of all this took me about 2 months to make. I live in Japan so I had to special
order ALL of the fabric online since purple fabric is non existant in any of the fabric store in town. so i got 3 different types of purple fabric to experiment with
and ended up with two that were usable, light purple polyester vinyl and dark purple fetish pvc. There were different colors but they worked so I used them both.
I mixed and matched the colors to on the jacket and leggings to use up all the fabric I had. i know its not 100% true to the artwork but it costs so much to get
materials here I have to work with what I can get.

I started off with the armor, which took about 3 weeks to make. I molded airdry clay over glass wine bottles and then cut the shapes out I needed. I then siliconed
them together and used soft airdry clay for the accents. The skull is foam and the snake is hand sculpted clay. Im rather proud of how well it turned out
considering i NEVER took a sculpting class in my life. Once it was dried and cut out I sealed it then painted it with spray acrylic. It holds onto the jacket by

The inner lingerie teddy was store bought and I used it as a base to sew all the purple straps onto. I had a heck of a time running all this through my poor sewing
machine. At times the layers were too thick and it started to clog the darn thing. I ended up using craft glue on a few parts of the jacket to save my poor machine.

The body suit took another 3-4 weeks and I am still making small changes to it. The sword was handmade by mike at

total cost: $200