Shaina is without a doubt one of the feisty-est ladies I have ever had the pleasure of cosplaying. God I love her Strength, Beauty
and Attitude. This is one gal who doesn`t take lip from no man!

This costume has actually been a 4 year ongoing project believe it or not. I made one armor set about 4 years ago when i first
came to Japan but back then I knew diddly about making cosplay armor so it turned out bad i threw it away and never
really got photos of it.

Come 4 years later I wanted to take this on again but with newer skills that I had learned from my cosplay buddies here on the
east side of the world.

The armor bas is all craft foam and then overlayed with stretch vinyl fabric. I used a glue called G13, brushed it onto the foam
cutouts and then basically laminated the fabric over each piece. Unfortunately due to the extreme dry weather some of the fabric
crackled as you can see in some of the photos which was unintended. Still, I love how it turned out, it was comfortable to wear,
easy to move in and looked great!

In the future I will definately do more Saint Seiya and armor projects thanks to what I learned from this project!

Materials Used:
G13 multicraft glue
Lyon Board (foam board)
Vinyl fabric
Modina clay
Padico clay
Acrylic paint

Total Cost: $130
Photos from Winter Wonderfest
Photos from Tokyo Dome City Cosplay Fest