Oh Lord Im continuing the never ending legacy of Sailor Moon with yet ANOTHER costume. As many of
you know Japan just recently celbrated the 20th anniversary of this iconic series and I already had done
Sailor Jupiter not just one year earlier. Its just that the Starlight are dang cool, their costumes are freaking
sexy as hell so I wanted to do it for the hot summer months of 2015.

Now I cant say that I really made this costume because most of the parts were store bought. I did however
have to make many of the accessories such as the headset, star yell, boot tops and winged brooch.

Most were made from Modina Clay and craft foam. It was a easy costume to get together and Im so happy I
didnt have to wear a wig with it, just a pony tail clip!  

All cloth parts bought at TAKENOKO in Harajuku Japan!