I have been wanting do a Sakura Wars cosplay for the longest time but could never seem to make enough time to actually sew one or organize a group
together who was interested in doing this with me. Finally when I had some down time I was able to make this but unfortunately the event I had intended
to wear it to was cancelled due to the March 11 Tohoku Quake and Tsunami so it stayed in limbo for a time. As a fund raising event I held a small
cosplay tea party at my home to raise money for the red cross and invited 6 people over to take some photos and enjoy sweets. This costume still has yet
to be worn to an event but I did wear it for the tea party at least =)

I hand designed the pattern for this myself using nothing other than a pencil and some pattern paper. I have done a few tail coats in the past (Richter
Belmont, Sebastian Michealis) so I remembered well how to do it. It took one full day to pattern draft, one full day to cut and prep fabric and about a
week to assemble everything.

I used cotton for everything but ran into a problem with the gold bias tape. I had yellow tape already and no money to buy gold so I used some old spray
paint and blasted what I had left of the yellow tape to make gold =P It worked out perfectly!

Since my hair is already similar to Sumire`s I did not use a wig for this costume but will buy one in the future as I plan to cut my hair pretty short for the
summer months.

I want to personally thank everyone who came to my event and donated money, I had a great time and hope you all did too!

Materials Used:
*bias tape
*spray paint
*interfacing for jacket
*femo clay for the gold knobs
* plastic headband
*gold cord
*hot glue

Total Cost:
Sumire Kanzaki
Sakura Wars