I made this costume based on the amano art and dissidia, basically i smashed the two concepts together. Tina`s hair in the dissidia version
is way too big and theres not much detail to her body other than the gradient from purple to white on her arms and legs and some tufts of
hair so I added a few touches of my own to make it more interesting. The small rhinestones you see all over my body suit are swartski
crystals and I used about 200 dyed peacock feathers for the arms and legs.

I like her big 80`s hair from the original game so I used a purple base wig then took a dark purple 100 cm wig and chopped it in half, turned
half into extensions and sewed it into the wig mesh. So really, the wig is two wigs in one with lots of aqua net to get it nice and poofy.

The body suit I bought online via ebay but had to do heavy alterations on it because the seller screwed up my order so the feathers over
my crotch were not supposed to be there but I needed them to cover the alteration and hide it (basically the seller put a crotch zipper there
when i told them not to, i took it off and sewed it shut but it looked funny having a line going from by butt to my naval)

I remember the summon Siren from ff8 having kind of like a feather bikini so I thought, what the heck! I put them there to save my
modesty lol.

The gloves and nails I did myself using dance lycra and acrylic nail sets. I puts lots of glitter on the nails just because...Tina is a magical girl
so glitter seems appropriate somehow =P

Materials Used:
* lycra body suit
*peacock feathers
*craft foam
*hot glue
*swartski crystals

Total cost*