Rip Van Winkle
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, My bullet punishes all without distinction! ~Rip Van Winkle

I can`t take credit for having made anything on this costume because I didn`t! Everything seen here was 2nd hand store bought and altered.

The jacket was originally a center front cut blazer that I bought a few sizes to big for my sister then used the extra material to alter the
lapels to a side cut doublet style with the metal buttons going down either side.

The gloves, shirt pants and shoes were found on clearance at Sears.

The gun has a funny story behind it. When I was cleaning out my dads storage closet to make it into a costume closet I found this wooden
rifle tucked away in the back. It was my brother`s whom had purchased it as Disney land of all places some 20 years ago when my family
first took us down the Disney Land California when he and I were 6 years old. It was from the Tom Sawyer Village at the center of the
park though I am sure now they don`t sell those anymore because it`s probably considered to un PC to let kids play with cap
guns....anyway it sat in that closet for years until I found it. Honestly I was going to throw it away but felt it had at least some sentimental
value and kept it. Good thing I did, it went perfectly with this costume!

*special note* Though this character is a Nazi I do not support Nazi views or philosophies in ANY way. I made this costume to show my
love of the Hellsing series and my love for this particular character.

Materials Used:
Everything store bought

Total cost: