Ever since I finished reading the Versailles series I wanted to make a Andre costume for my husband if course after making an
Oscar replica for me =P
My husband does not cosplay very often and he is super picky about his costumes, basically if it doesnt look stellar he wont
bother wearing them. He so prissy that way but it also pushes my skills and is good experience for me. I took the design straight
from the pages of the Manga because it had more too it than the anime version. Plus I just wasnt that enthralled with the Anime as I
was with the comic.

I drafted the pattern for this myself borrowing elements from a couple of previous costumes such as Sumire Kanzaki and also the
Oscar costume itself. The entire thing is base cotton with cotton accents. The buttons were black wooden ones that I spray painted
gold. The shoulder tassels are cotton bias tape that i cut into small segments and then hot glued onto a foam balls.

Eisuke used his natural hair for this and I did his hair and makeup styling myself =)

Pants, pouch, boots and belt are store bought.

Thanks Eisuke for doing this costume duet with me and putting up with my cosplay craziness!

Materials Used:
polyester lining
bias tape
foam balls
gold paint
wood buttons
lion board

Total cost: