The original concept for this costume was done by the super talented Genzoman on deviant art. I was really inspired by his
drawing to take on another valkyrie cosplay. I have done 2 others in the past but they were pretty mild compared to the one he
had drawn.

To start with I used a black bustier as the base for the top then overlayed it with leather and gold leather accents. I was lucky
enough to find a nice bolt of gold finished leather without having to dye/paint it myself.

The arms and legs are stretch pleather overlayed with the gold leather, the armor is plastic sheeting overlayed with leather. I
used a glue called G14 to hold it all onto the costume, the stuff is fantastic! It works on just about everything and once its
applied it takes heaven and hell to get it off.

The head dress is sheet plastic underlayed with 1/4 inch thich insulation foam (to protect my head) and then decorated with
black fabric glue filigree and recycled gold earrings. The wings are real feathers I had to special order from Hong Kong because
feathers in Tokyo are really freaking expensive for some reason....
The mace was a recycled walking cane I got in the USA for a VK costume, the top was a foam ball with foam cones glued
together. It worked like a charm!

I made the sheild from foam as well. All painted parts were painted with Tamiya Gundam Acrylic Paint. Yes its the type used
for gundam models but its also the best paint one can find in Tokyo. The costume will be/was worn to Wonderfest Tokyo 2012.

Materials used:
insulation foam
plastic sheeting
acrylic paint
g14 glue
hot glue
fabric paint
recycled earrings

total cost: