Tokyo Disney Land was calling to me once again this year (2015) so I made another Princess costume for the parade. I
choose Cinderella this year because the live action movie had just come out and I wanted to pay homage to one of my
favorite Disney Animated Films.

To start off, I used about 8 meters of baby blue satin for the dress. The skirt itself has 7 meters! I didnt use a pattern
for the skirt since I can make that free hand but for the bodice I recycled a SIMPLICITY dress pattern and then
customized the sleeves to Cinderella`s.

The gloves and crystal shoes were store bought of course.

Underneath it all was a 6 ring hoop skirt I bought off of ebay. Simple to wear but a bit on the tight side. I couldnt eat
lunch that day =(

I bleached my hair for this role, not wanting to wear a wig this year due to the unusually hot season!

Many thanks to Ayako for the awesome photos!

Materials Used:
Costume Satin

Total Cost: $100