Hello everyone!
I have been an active cosplayer for 7 years but have 10 years sewing experience. I live and work out of Tokyo Japan so all of my
materials come from the motherland of cosplay. All of my textiles come from famous Tokyo districts such as Nippori, Harajuku,
Shinjuku and Shibuya.
I also run a small fashion boutique for visual kei/ alternative/ gothic lolita fashion through etsy.com and thus far have had a 100%
rating. You can check it out at: www.celestialshadow.etsy.com and also a Kawaii deco-den supply store at
www.elegantrebecca.etsy.com, it also has 100% rating =)

I can make just about any cloth based costume and can even work with pleather/synthetics and can even do some small armor
projects. Please be aware that any large costumes with bulky/heavy pieces will incur extra shipping charges.

Here are some other things I can do costume wise:
*Embroidery and appliques (only small amounts, nothing excessive)
*fabric painting
*Metal working (small projects only)
*Sculpting with clay and other clay like mediums
*Resin casting and fiberglass (small amounts only for jems and small armor projects, I am allergic to this stuff so i try to use it as little
as possible)
* Leather working ( I can do rivets, molding and filigree with hot glue)

Things that I cannot do:
* Large armor projects (like full body armor)
* Wings (unless they are chibi sized)
* Leather engraving
* Boning for corset and bodices, any dress items I make have a heavy interfacing and liner to give some support but I can`t do
* Wigs
* Boots or shoes. I can make shoe and boot covers only

I finish and surge all seams of my costumes so nothing will fall apart or fray/tear/rip under normal circumstances. Anything that is a
jacket, uniform, or ball gown or cape will have a liner but shirts, kimonos, and pants I surge the hems and inner seams to prevent
fraying. Please understand that a costume is not a normal functional piece of clothing and it does have limitations!!!!!!

You can see my entire gallery of costumes and clothing made so far at my personal website www.phantomlegacycostumes.com or
you can just visit my cosplay.com page!

Since I am in Japan I can only accept paypal and I am willing to do payment plans for customers. I usually ask for 50% upfront for
any costume quoted over $150 and the other half upon completion. For costumes quoted under $150 I ask for full payment upfront.

My cancellation/return policy: Unless something has gone drastically wrong I DO NOT REFUND COSTUMES. For damaged items I
will try my best to provide for my customers but that is on a case by case basis and I under no circumstances give full refunds. I sent
out progress photos at request, so please look closely at the photos to make sure the costume looks right and is the way you want
it. I do not ship costumes until photo have been looked over and I have been given a written and recorded `okay to ship`. In the
event that I have to deal with a rude, harassing or unrealistic customer (one who does not understand the concept of anime versus
reality in terms of how a costume will physically look on a real 3d human) I will send bought materials and partially made costume (if
applicable) to the customer and allow them to complete the costume themselves. I will not refund the materials downpayment.

By commissioning me you are also allowing me to interpret the costume as best as I can and in a way that is functional on the
human body. There may be times when I have to deviate from the concept art to make a costume wearable by a real person. I will
let you know if I do this and get your approval before hand.

Feel free to inquire about any costume commission. My skills are not limited to just cosplay. I can also sew Rennessaince, fantasy,
sci-fi, wedding gowns, steampunk, gothic lolita, and visual kei type costumes.

When asking for a quote please send me the following information:

1) a character photo
2) when you need to costume by
3) You`re basic measurements OR clothing size
4) any special requests or customizations you want for the character
For pictures of completed
commissions please click