This project was given to me by a friend of mine in Tokyo who was helping a Honey Company develop a
Maid Cafe in the greater Saitama Area. The company was looking for classic style maids to be advertisers for
this project at a local festival so of course when I heard about it I had to ask, "how classical is classical?" In
Japan the idea for classic maid is often times drastically different then what is historically accurate so luckily
my friend told me long, black and modest.

This project was handed to me about one week before the stated event so originally I was planning to just buy
a generic maid costume. HOWEVER, the only maid outfits available were either too sexy or too moe for what
was needed. I decided last minute to make it wish stash fabric I had in my closet intended for another costume.

I surfed the new for some reference photos of old style Edwardian maids and chose one based on design and
ease of wear. The dress took me about 3 days to make, i did it all from scratch, no pattern at all. I very happy
with how it turned out and loved wearing it to our event!

Materials Used:
Casa Satin

total cost: $50