This costume has been a dream of mine ever since I have played FF7 Crisis Core but since I lack the proper physique and facial appearance to even pull off a halfway decent Genesis it
all came down to being able to sweet talk my husband into playing the role for me =P

I was finally able to twist his arm enough to get him to comply.

Half of this costume I did not make myself do to time and money restrictions so the jacket is factory made from somewhere in China. I knew when I bought it that the quality was not
going to that great but was pleasantly surprised when i got it to find that it was`nt half as bad as I thought. There were a few minor aesthetic things that I fixed to make it more character
accurate though. To begin with the sleeves were 2 inches to long for my husband so I chopped off the silver trim at the ends of the sleeves and made armor bangles out of air dry clay
and craft foam to fit over them.

The shoulder pad on the jacket were laughably cartoonish looking so I chopped those off two and reshaped them before pinning them back onto the costume. They were originally
attached to the jacket via stitches at the collar which was a dumb design because if you have to transport the costume they get crinkled and smashed. The cut of the jacket was solid and
well made though a little on the long side which resulted in my husband having to wear sole inserts to boost his height so the hemline would not drag on the ground.

The pants were easy elastic waisted pants that I threw together in a matter of hours for him. They are very high waisted so it tucks underneath the soldier belt. As for the belt, I
handmade that from cowhide leather and stitched the emblem design on the front with my sewing machine. Everything is held together with brass rivets and metal buckles.

The shirt, wig  and two belts that ride on his hips were ebay bought but i did make the boot tops to fit over an existing pair of boots I already had. Those are made from pleather and
extra buckles I had in my stash.

If I ever find time again I would like to remake the jacket myself from something a bit better than pleather, if I could manage I would try real leather but my wallet cant take that kind of
hit right now. Oh well maybe in the future?

Many thanks to my husband for wearing this and making my dream come true!

Materials Used:
airdry clay
craft foam
spray paint

total cost: Including ebay items

(images also show the costume on me down below, Rosso cosplayed by Layla Evanstar)