Holy smokes am I that old that I remember this cartoon? For those who are outside my generation this cartoon was very
famous in the late 1980`s and was pretty ground breaking for its time. I remember wanting to be Jem when I was a child! I
had her barbie doll, her tennis shoes, her lunch, box, ect. I wish I had enough sense to keep those things as they would be
worth a lot of money by now. Oh well, I have the memories right?

For Kumoricon 2012 I decided to revive Jem and let Shelbe model this along with my Japanese idol girl Creamy mami.
Whom also was made in the same years only across the pacific ocean!

I used metallic dance Lycra for the dress, sewing a simple one piece that could be slipped on over the head. The sash is a
recycle from my Rosa Costume and the shoes bought in Tokyo. The wig came from ebay which I sprayed with hard wig
spray to get it to stand up like Tina Turner =P It was super easy to make, super easy to wear and super fun to see my
friend prance around in. She really worked that costume!

Total Cost: $80 with wig and mic