Years ago I had actually made this costume as a side project/practice costume but I was so ashamed of how it turned out that I buried it in my closet never to set eyes on it
again. Years later I was invited to attend a last minute cosplay event by a friend and I wracked my brain on what i thought I could make in such short notice. I no longer had the
original of this (threw it out long ago) so it was my golden opportunity to remake this the way I had intended it to long ago.

Finding fabric that was that exact shade of grey yet stretchable so I could have full movements to pose was a real pain the rear. I ordered some dance lycra off the internet only
to have it show up on my doorstep too silver colored to be of any use to me. I really hate sewing with stretchy fabrics but I managed to wrangle me some light grew dance knit
finally. One of the design elements of Lucia that I love, but other cosplayers tend to miss is the line art on her shirt and the stripes going down her pants. I originally was going to
sew seams going down the legs but the fabric was so stretchy I couldnt run it through my machine in one piece. I used a black sharpie marker and yard stick to draw the lines on
the costume.

All of the leather work you see on her is real. I used brown cowhide leather and rivets to put it all together. I even added the leather underarm strap that is attached to her cowl
(which I made from white cotton)

Lastly the swords I made using polystyrene sheeting and lion board. The handles are airdry clay that were layered over with leather cording and then painted gold with acrylic

Materials Used:
* lycra dancewear
* leather
*foam board
*plastic sheeting
*airdry clay
*leather cording

Total Cost: