Admittedly this costume was a very last minute descision for the winter season. My friend Ayako told me she was doing a moogle
costume for one day at comiket so I decided to make one to match hers. I am very anti-trashy moogle, many girls I have seen
doing these sorts of cosplays go out of their way to show lots of skin but to make a moogle should be cute, entirely covered and
above all...FLUFFY.

I up-cycled my old Maetel cosplay from Galaxy Express 999, cut the skirt in half and trimmed the shoulders down then added fur
trim to the shoulder line, made a nice fluffy chocker and also added for to the boots. I decided to use hot pink for my accessories
because it seemed like a nice contrast to an all white costume. The bow, ears, and wings are made from felt which is stabilized
with polystyrene and interfacing. The bow has a big silver bell in the center that jingles when I walk.

I am very happy with the results and I think I will be nice and warm in this costume while all the other moogle girls are freezing their
kupo bums off mwa ha ha!!!!!

The two moogle buddies of mine in the photos are from the Squeenix shop in Shinjuku, they are not handmade. Everything else is

Total cost:
None, recycled from older costume!

*outdoor photos taken by Mason K*
Moogle Girl
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