This is a costume that I have always wanted to make but for various reasons kept putting it off. Its a bit of an old series but
its still THE most famous girl anime in Japan and perhaps even worldwide. So after reading the entire comic series and
watching the 40 episode anime I decided to give it a go and have this costume ready for winter comiket.

The main jacket was recycled from a second hand costume I found at Mandarake. I cut the jacket up and added the red
parts, gold filigree and other knick knacks by hand. Her two rank badges are made with air dry clay which i rolled flat and
used cookie cutters to stamp out various shapes then gave it a coat of acrylic paint. Epaullets are made from polystyrene
sheeting and the fringe from old bias tape that I spray painted gold.

All together i did not spend too much money making this since the boots, pants and wig were already in my inventory and
most items were up-cycled from other things. I am very happy with how it turned out and very excited to wear this at

Materials used:
* Recycled white jacket
*trim cord
*bias tape
*red cotton
*plastic sheeting

Total cost: