Of all the summons in the FF series, Shiva is by far my favorite. So I decided for Kumoricon 2012 I would go as Shiva. The problem is which one to go as since she
appears different in each game. After a lot of comparing I decided to go with the FF9 version because that was the one that was least cosplayed. Many girls for the FF10
version. I actually like the 9 version better because she really looks Hindu in this one!

This costume began with a premade white Zentai catsuit from Milanoo.com I then made appliques out of blue metallic lycra overlayed on craft foam. They were then glued
to the suit and jems, rhinestones and beads added last.

The crown is modina clay grafted onto the back of a metal tiara I found on Ebay.

It was a bit on the imaginative side since she actually has a lot of skin showing, I tried my best to cover up as much as possible.

All jewelry came from Forever 21.

Total Cost: