This was a costume I had never thought I would do but Ive been playing ALOT of Castlevania lately and going back through the
older games to learn more about the characters. Sonia was supposed to be the first Belmont but unfortunately she was taken out
of the official canon a few years ago because of her Gender (Leon Belmont replaced her in the official story line). I was pretty
angry about this and decided to reinvent her costume.

Her original costume was pretty simple so I re sketched her using elements from Kojimas art. I used recycled fabrics for the
bulk of the costume, I had plenty of left overs from previous cosplays and happen to have some nice red filigree satin on hand. I
did this whole costume by hand, made the pattern myself, cut and sewed everything. I recycled also an old pair of knee high
boots I havent worn in years and added appliques and gold lace to them.

The whip and accessories were store bought. I tried to get all of the subweapons together from the game! I really love this
costume I plan to wear it a few more times, its great for the grueling Tokyo Summers and its pretty sexy to boot!

Materials Used:
Recycled Brocaded Satin
silver casa
gold trim
wood buttons
white lace appliques

Total Cost:

Whip Cost + accessories:

Special Note: The lovely Layla Evanstar modelled my Alucard costume for the studio shoot!
The above photos taken by Layla Evanstar at
Studio Booty.