Advent Children

I broke my own rules and bought this costume premade. It was on sale in the cosplay.com  marketplace forum and I could not resist =P

Honestly I never even thought about or really wanted to do a yazoo or any other white haired bishonen boy cosplay but I fell in love with the costume
and decided to give it a try, I needed a filler costume anyway or one that I could keep as backup if I needed a quick hassel free cosplay to wear to a
small event.

Unfortunately, what was shown in the photos and what I got in the mail were too different things. The person who sold this to me made no mention of
the fact that there was EXTENSIVE water damage to the pleather on the neck and chest...meaning that the pleather was actually peeling off its base
fabric in chunks! @_@

I did an intensive repair job to the jacket to make it wearable, I hate admitting defeat when it comes to a costume and I couldn`t return it either so I did
not want to waste the jacket. I grafted a new piece of pleather to the inside collar and then coated the outside with clear craft glue to reseal the pleather.
When it dried I then gave it a new top coat of acrylic paint so it covered up all the repair work.

The wig I bought online and styled it myself. I even got cat eye contacts to go with this!

Jenova`s box I made by taking two kleenex boxes, duct taping them together and then hot gluing polystyrene sheets to the sides. I electrical taped all
the seams and then spray painted the entire box with high gloss black paint. For the silver raised part I used craft foam and white fabric paint to do the
writing. Yellow electrical tape with the word `seal` is stuck to the side.

*note, as of 6/14/10 I wore this costume to a small photo event in down town Tokyo only to have even more chunks of pleather peel off on me after
only 4 hours of wearing this and under no unusual conditions rendering this cosplay an ineffective piece of crap made from China, the girl who sold it to
me LIED not only about the condition but the fact that she altered this costume at some point and the inside stitching was all funky. She also said she
had this custom made for 300$, bullshit this was obviously chinese factory made, you left the tag inside the collar dumb ass! This is the first and last time
I will ever buy 2nd hand cosplay via cosplay.com marketplace, end of story....sorry I had to rant a bit...

Don`t worry Yazoo, I still love you, you sexy beast!